To say yesterday was a difficult day in the Parnell household would be an understatement. I always use this blog as a platform to boast of my calories consumed (stop bragging about it already Whitney), however, today is devoted to one Mr. Khaki Parnell.

Khaki went on to the rawhide bone gates in the sky yesterday afternoon.  Can you do me a favor today?  If you have a spare minute...which you are reading this recreational blog...
Can you lift up P in your thoughts today as we grow accustomed to our new "normal"? 

I would like to give "Khak" a big ole thank you for his years of devotion to Parnell.  He literally served as man's best friend for the last twelve and a half years.  Our heart's are breaking to say the least...I never want to see my husband this sad ever again. 

Rest in peace Bubba...

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." - Roger Caras

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