First and foremost...happy first day of Fall! 
People that live in Texas and "love" Summer baffle me...or they are lying. I am geared up to use the slow cooker this week as I dive into the return of fall TV and cooler temperatures.  I also picked up these Fall(ish) beauties at Trader Joe's over the weekend:

Oh and did anyone else know this existed???

 I did not purchase any...YET. Slow clap for my (th)inner strength. 

In addition to grocery shopping and an abundance of cleaning, Parnell and I were all over the place this weekend.  Between birthdays, gender reveals, and football watching, we had a packed itinerary.

I started my Friday evening with the A&M crew at the Williamson household. 

From there, I headed over to the Sundown at Granada rooftop for Abbie's 30th birthday which had the oh so clever theme "30 is the new black". I am SO mad at myself for not capturing some of the AMAZING costumes that were present. It also gave me the shakes for OITNB season can come out anytime now...

I'll be back tomorrow to share my day turned evening with the Aggies and their incredibly boring game dominating the SMU Mustangs.

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