Natalie and I attended a work sponsored cooking class this week at Sur la Table. Not only did it sound fun and interesting, but it was BYOB to boot! IN!

I can't tell you exactly what we made because I left my recipe sheets in the kitchen when class was  I guess that means Parnell is never getting a duplicate of our creations at home. 

This salad was amazing, however, raw purple onions with your COWORKERS is comical.  I made it a point to limit my socializing after course one. 


Natalie and I were waiting for people to hate or pass up their chocolate lava cake but sadly no one did.  That little ramekin delight was like world peace in a cup...AMAZING.

Cooking classes might be my new thing.  Having someone else mise en place and clean up after you while you sip wine?? Don't mind if I do...

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