I shamefully went to the fair twice this year.  I felt I was taking one for the team since Parnell had not been??
We headed out after work this week and enjoyed the most amazing weather and zero crowds...perfection. 

They scanned our tickets at the entrance and I had a Fried Sriracha Ball in my mouth within 4 minutes, like you literally could have timed me. P was terrified watching it all play out..."babe...relax...breathe..."

From there, I grabbed the Fried Gulf Shrimp Boil which took the prize this year for best taste.  While it was pretty good...Sriracha got robbed and remains the better taste in my non expert fat opinion. 

In between my food fest (P had yet to consume anything), we popped into the car show.


The people in the car show (and fair in general) are terrifying. We saw things that we will never be able to unsee.  
I am shocked that we still had appetites, but we are persistent and we don't give up, so onward we went. You will never guess what P ordered at the next stop...

We ended up passing the sausage tent...which looks slightly different from the last time I saw it.  Clearly I am not the only immature fair patron.

To wrap up our evening,  we grabbed an order of  the good ole tried fried and true... 

Oh Deep Fried sweet little things. 

Until next year Big Tex!

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