First of all, thank you SO much for all the kind words and messages yesterday! Parnell and I absolutely felt the love and appreciate it oh so much.

In an effort to cheer this little blog of mine up and help you to make informed decisions with your overpriced fair coupons this year, I present to you my State Fair of Texas 2014 food review:

Natalie and I participated in our company fair day last Saturday and took the food map very seriously. 

Erin and my little man Hicks were also able to join us for this calorie fest.

Ok ok so...worst to best...drum roll....

Fried Breakfast for Dinner

Verdict: Meh
Pictured above is the HALF order...that was still way too many tickets.  This item could have been solid but the creator chose to throw cinnamon roll bits in the mix with all savory ingredients. No, no, and then no. 

Fried Texas Bluebonnet

Verdict: Meh
The very center of this concoction was legit.  However, the remainder of the dish was nothing to write home about. It was, in lamest terms, the baby of a scone, blueberry muffin, and white chocolate bar...fried.

I wanted to hug Natalie...she had been looking forward to this moment for weeks.  While it definitely was not a waste of coupons and calories, it was not what we had hoped for in our dreams.

Fried Butter

Verdict: Used to be cooler
This was not my first rodeo state fair. I have had fried butter every year since its creation.  It used to come with the option of garlic herb sauce as to make it a savory dish.  This year, the only option was honey as a topping.  Don't get me wrong, this little sopapilla wannabe was not gross. however, its savory cousin is...well...better.

Fried Picnic on a Stick 

Verdict: Still Pretty Cool
Fried spicy chicken bites and pickles, battered and then fried again and served with ranch?? What is not to like?
If you are 13 years old like me and find this picture...ummm...funny looking...then you will also appreciate this image:

The strategic placement coming out of the word "sausage" was just too much for my immature mind. Who knew the state fair was so phallic?? 

Fried Texas Sweet

Verdict: Cool
This was a combination of buttermilk pie, pecan pie, and peach cobbler served with ice cream.  I give them extra points for the precious presentation. 

 Fried Jambalaya

Verdict: Still Legit 
I had consumed this tasty delight before and put it on my "must" list again this year.  These little pockets of goodness are delicious on their own but then they go and throw those onion rings in and BOOM.  Sold...

Fried Thanksgiving Dinner

Verdict: Still Amazing 
I will never tire of this gem.  I was so THRILLED they had it again this year.  Fried balls of stuffing and turkey served with gravy and cranberry dipping sauce...genius...delicious...

Fried Sriracha Balls

Verdict: Winner...we should have ordered more
These balls of pure delight were not easy to find (ended up being inside the food court) but man oh man were they worth it once we did. 

I may or may not/do already have another trip to the fair lined up in my future.  I will be visiting my Sriracha balls again as well as trying to throw some different options into the mix...stay tuned...

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