Let's go back to last Friday when I was attempting to purchase all the umbrellas each CVS downtown had to offer (no seriously).  My coworkers and I were running  driving to each location and loading up due to the 80% chance of rain in the forecast...for our outdoor event. #joy

Now let's dig even deeper back to when I pulled out my personal credit card that looks similar to my company card and ran that for half of my charges.  #doublejoy 

Oh but wait-then there was the time I called the Wells Fargo fraud department because "someone spent $1433.00 at CVS Friday and it was not me".  Cue awkward moment after 15 minutes and three associate transfers when the puzzle pieces fit together and I had to tell said fraud department that it was in fact me.  

Lock it up Whitney.

For the record, this portion of our purchases still resides in my trunk...if it starts me.

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