Earlier this week, a few of the ladies got together to celebrate Boo's recent engagement.  We had some wine, pizza, cheese, and diamond gawking.  My ideal evening...

Cheers to the first of many celebrations for one of our favorites! 


Last weekend, Will hosted his annual "Overdressed and Overserved" Christmas party.  This was the first year we were able to attend and I am oh so glad we did. 

I may have gotten slightly distracted upon arrival in Will's guest bedroom.  Like...where do I submit my lease application? 

Do you die? 

Ok ok moving on...the rest of Will's house was equally as beautifully decorated.  I plan on taking a week vacation to his winter wonderland next near...the kid is a freaking elf. 


I also forgot to photograph the most heavenly mac n cheese cups that Dillon made.  I was too busy determining the cups to guests ratio to make sure I could have more than one. 

Until next year...


Last week, Bethany hosted the girls for a "favorite things" party.  Everyone was asked to bring: your favorite thing to eat, your favorite thing to drink, and your favorite item $15 or under. All my favorites are conveniently found favorite grocery store...Central Market. I was able to swoop in and pick up Smoked Gouda Pecan Cheese Spread (you haven't lived until you have smeared it on something), Pinot Noir, and a Baltic Amber Voluspa candle (please note, this candle was $17 and I heard about it all evening). 


After consuming my body weight in assorted cheeses and spreads, we watched the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show...considering I had a muff top in stretchy pants, this was a bad plan for my self esteem. 

Diet starts today February. 


I consider myself a solid secret keeper.  Not to toot my own horn, but Lord...the most recent secret I kept was eating me alive. 

This weekend, my common law wife, Boo, got LAS VEGAS.

Once P and I were filled in on the plan, we knew this was a weekend we had to be a part of.  Parnell doesn't exactly despise Vegas there was that.  

We arrived Saturday morning along with Alli, Ross and Boo's parents in time to surprise the happy couple after Clayton got down on one knee.

I literally want to take Boo's ring to dinner and just...spend time with it ok. 

I can not wait for all of the festivities to come!

Congratulations to the future Warrens!

(insert shriek here)


Wednesday night, P and I (along with half of Dallas) attended the Justin Timberlake concert. It was slightly life altering and fabulous but like...we knew that would be the situation. Parnell wasn't exactly dancing with me, screaming, or swaying but I appreciate his attendance. 

Not gonna lie, a small Pinot Noir'ed part of me thought maybe just maybe he would bust out a little portion of Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays (he did not...).  He did however do several mash-ups, one of which featured the song "Poison"...I'll take it.


I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving! 

Our Thanksgiving Day began in a slightly unusual way...we became an aunt and uncle!  P's sister Megan starting laboring in the wee hours of the morning and by lunch Miss Maggie Grace had entered the world. 

After the initial excitement of the morning, we headed over to my cousin's house for brunch and a walk on the Katy Trail.  This was major for me...I usually sit around in my pajamas for far too long watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade (don't fret my little pet, I did this later in the afternoon). We had the most beautiful weather on the trail and made a Starbucks pit stop for a Chestnut Praline Latte to boot.

After I fit in my parade viewing session, we headed over to my aunt's house for food, family, and fellowship.  I made the most idiotic mistake and took a bite of cheese dip too soon, burning the entire roof of my mouth.  Like not to gross you out or anything but it was like...peeling off.  COMPLETE AMMETER.  Judging from my lack of a thigh gap, you would think I had been around the block a time or two with hot appetizers.

I did the worst job of photographing the evening.  I needed a little less Pinot Noir and a little more camera clicking. There is always Christmas??