So...I completely forgot to blog about our New Year's Eve, not because it wasn't wonderful, but because getting pictures off my camera seems daunting at times. 

We headed down to the lake with a small group and had such a blast. 

The weather was so cold and rainy (right up my alley) yet through the drizzles, we managed to donate fireworks to the neighbors and witness this situation happen:

Yes, I took this picture instead of grabbing water.


Oh how I date award season...
Did everyone have a chance to catch the SAG awards last night? I watched the E red carpet coverage and Lord was Maria Menounos killinggggg me.  Snooze. What was not so snooze however was the fashion.  I ended up loving so many looks.  It seemed to be the year of simplicity...which is completely up my alley. Here are a few of my favorites:

Can I also say how excited I was to see Orange Is The New Black and How To Get Away With Murder winning awards?  LOVE...can't wait for the next seasons.


One of my Christmas gifts from P came as a complete surprise to me.  It turns out during one of our daily many trips to Target, this husband of mine was listening when I mentioned "This bar cart is all over the internet...I feel like I need it." Come Christmas morning, I was so eager to see what was inside the GINORMOUS box (that was completely wrapped to boot).  I thought for a brief moment that it was the baby goat I have been begging for but given the lack of breathing holes, I let that dream quickly die.

After my initial surprise and delight, I let P in on the fact that now the bar cart needed to be day after Christmas. He was thrilled. We literally went all over town while I searched for the perfect cocktail shaker...and by "perfect" I mean aesthetically, I'm not going to like...make drinks or use it. #wineonly
After scoring my shaker at Anthropologie, we jumped on the copper mug bandwagon and have not looked back.  I would like to think that one day this summer, P will come home and I will have a Moscow mule waiting for him but like...he shouldn't exactly hold his breath.  

She still needs a few things here and there but for now, she is not bare, which is a major step in the right direction. 

For those curious minds, yes, we have more liquor in the house than that and no I am not displaying it all on the actual cart.  I live by the motto: Form over Function. 


This past week, Chase and I were able to pop over to the Dallas Museum of Art and catch the "Bouquets" exhibit while it was still running. Although we weren't there long (sue me: I do exhibits like magazines...scanning is key), I am so glad we went!

I took pictures of my favorites that allowed photography.  Apparently the words "NO PHOTOGRAPHY PLEASE" are very difficult to read.  Museum staff had to be on their A-game reprimanding everyone around us left and right. 

Until next time DMA (which might be quite a while...the line up for 2015 exhibitions is looking a little "meh" for this girl). 


Wow am I behind...

A few weeks ago I attended the most lovely shower for Jenn and her soon to be baby girl.  The shower was held at Lark on the Park which is like...7 feet from my office...and I have yet to go.  We had the most delicious brunch and the hostesses put together the cutest room to boot. 

I shall return for that fried egg sandwich...

I can't wait to meet little miss Ackerman in a few short weeks! 


I mean, I have to give my two cents on the Golden Globes right? 
For starters, I could have dealt with a little more Tina/Amy and a little less of like...actual awards and presenters. I think my biggest disconnect this year was the lack of nominated shows/movies I have actually makes it hard to have an opinion. 

I can however have an opinion on what the stars wore.  In no particular order, here are my choices for best dressed:

Overall, I was completely is to hoping for more at the Oscars! 


And just like that, my favorite time of the year is over. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and I wish you all a Happy New Year!

We spent Christmas Eve at Parnell's parents home and Christmas day with my family in Dallas. Our family recently adopted a pajama/ugly sweater/wear something stretchy dress code if you will.  This year, Wendy got me the most adorable Dalmatian footed pajamas, much to Parnell's chagrin.

 "Next year we are dressing like adults."

No, no we're not.

I gave myself A day to relax and come down from my holiday high but then it was strictly business for the Parnell's me as we I took down Christmas.  Like I told P, I may put it up prematurely but I always take it down in a timely manner.  Once the tree was completely back in its storage situation, we headed to Starbucks and were given...wait for it...WHITE cups. It was like the barista literally slapped me and smiled while doing it.

The only upside of January (like literally the only one) is cracking open a brand new planner.  Oh the glory of actually writing down appointments/plans and then checking them off...warms my heart.

This year (thanks to my sister-in-law), I have this pretty Kate Spade princess to jot everything down in.  Thus far, I highly recommend her.

She makes odd numbers (hate them) and fresh starts (exhausting) bearable.