One of my Christmas gifts from P came as a complete surprise to me.  It turns out during one of our daily many trips to Target, this husband of mine was listening when I mentioned "This bar cart is all over the internet...I feel like I need it." Come Christmas morning, I was so eager to see what was inside the GINORMOUS box (that was completely wrapped to boot).  I thought for a brief moment that it was the baby goat I have been begging for but given the lack of breathing holes, I let that dream quickly die.

After my initial surprise and delight, I let P in on the fact that now the bar cart needed to be day after Christmas. He was thrilled. We literally went all over town while I searched for the perfect cocktail shaker...and by "perfect" I mean aesthetically, I'm not going to like...make drinks or use it. #wineonly
After scoring my shaker at Anthropologie, we jumped on the copper mug bandwagon and have not looked back.  I would like to think that one day this summer, P will come home and I will have a Moscow mule waiting for him but like...he shouldn't exactly hold his breath.  

She still needs a few things here and there but for now, she is not bare, which is a major step in the right direction. 

For those curious minds, yes, we have more liquor in the house than that and no I am not displaying it all on the actual cart.  I live by the motto: Form over Function. 

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