And just like that, my favorite time of the year is over. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and I wish you all a Happy New Year!

We spent Christmas Eve at Parnell's parents home and Christmas day with my family in Dallas. Our family recently adopted a pajama/ugly sweater/wear something stretchy dress code if you will.  This year, Wendy got me the most adorable Dalmatian footed pajamas, much to Parnell's chagrin.

 "Next year we are dressing like adults."

No, no we're not.

I gave myself A day to relax and come down from my holiday high but then it was strictly business for the Parnell's me as we I took down Christmas.  Like I told P, I may put it up prematurely but I always take it down in a timely manner.  Once the tree was completely back in its storage situation, we headed to Starbucks and were given...wait for it...WHITE cups. It was like the barista literally slapped me and smiled while doing it.

The only upside of January (like literally the only one) is cracking open a brand new planner.  Oh the glory of actually writing down appointments/plans and then checking them off...warms my heart.

This year (thanks to my sister-in-law), I have this pretty Kate Spade princess to jot everything down in.  Thus far, I highly recommend her.

She makes odd numbers (hate them) and fresh starts (exhausting) bearable.

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