A week or so ago, my brother sent me the link to a doughnut shop that recently opened a location in Dallas, yet is based in Washington. Since I have no immediate plans to visit the Washington area, I thought I would pop on over to the Dallas location of Top Pot which is terrifyingly close to us. 

I am so sad (for my waistline) that I tried this...and I like...don't even care for seriously.


What did everyone think of the Oscars this year? I know I am late to the discussion but this Dallas snow/ice has really thrown off my schedule.
I thought overall the show was a semi snooze but I mean...they always kind of are? Right?
I still love NPH and think he did a pretty decent job.  I mean, coming out in your underwear? Slow clap for your bravery.
Of course, I started the evening with the E live coverage of the red carpet which seemed a little unorganized this year?  Anyone?

Below were a few of my favorite looks:

 It was a Texas Tech red, black, and white kind of night.

Parnell and I finally watched The Theory of Everything the Friday prior and I loved it. After having seen the movie, I was so happy Eddie Redmayne won. I also saw Still Alice in theaters and was rooting for Julianne Moore. Birdman on the other hand...I guess I need to watch although I have zero desire...


So I am going back to school...kind of...not really...but I like to tell people that and then...not elaborate. 

In actuality, I am "studying" (I mean, there is homework so I feel I can use that term) beginning calligraphy under the talented Susie-Melissa Cherry at SMU. I came to know Susie-Melissa through work avenues and jumped at the opportunity to enroll in her class.  Is it a little more of a commitment than I originally thought? Maybe.  Is it extremely interesting and fun? there is that.

Baby steps's harder than it looks. 


Happy birthday to my little TEN year old nugget.

I love you more than cheese which is almost unfathomable.


Last night, Parnell and I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Texas Tech Recruiting Review in Dallas thanks to my oh so generous co-worker. I thought not much could top last year's  dinner until we arrived and were Kliff's table. Be still my heart...and Parnell leave us alone (I kid?). 

Needless to say, the night was amazing and I have never worked so hard in all my life to play it cool.

The empty chair pictured above is Kliff' please. 


Guns up!


I am SO happy.  

Parnell and I caught the new show "Better Call Saul" and I could not have been more into the pilot episode.  It is filmed in the exact same style as Breaking Bad...which I miss...bad(ly).

I feel I need to mention (for any other idiots out there) that approximately 20 minutes into the episode (maybe more), they showed a character who died in Breaking Bad.  At this point, I looked at P and said something along the lines of "well, that answers that question, the two shows will not overlap characters since...he is technically dead and all.  I guess the director just liked that actor and chose to hire him again anyway." Parnell then had to explain to his oh so clever (usually??) wife, that the ENTIRE episode/show for all we know is a flashback.

Sigh...not my night.

Anyway, I need everyone to record it, watch it, and love it so AMC picks it up for additional seasons...thank you in advance. 

Bob Odenkirk gets two thumbs up from this girl. 


My apologies for the lack of blogging. It seems Parnell and I are passing back and forth a "cold"/ possible terrible allergies acting as a cold.  When either one of us is sick, we are pretty much worthless. 

Check out our gourmet dinner from the other evening:

Yes, that is boxed mac and cheese for toddlers. 

I also attempted to buy us a humidifier to help the air quality in our room.  Upon my arrival to Target, this was the only one left on the shelves: 

I passed....


Did everyone have a chance to watch the Grammys?  Parnell is waiting with bated breath until 5:00pm live from the red carpet sessions end. I on the other hand, am eating them up.

Here were my top fashion picks from the evening:

#1...hands down...

I could not get over Gwen.

Annnnnd that was about it for my likes...sue me.

In terms of the actual show, I would be lying if I said I stayed awake for the entire thing.  The parts I did see didn't exactly change my life.  In a nutshell, I love Ed Sheeran, I have missed John Mayer, let Taylor Swift dance if she wants to and I think Madonna has reached the point where she is officially too old. 

Oh and Kanye, you're not funny. 


It is no secret that I want  need a baby goat in my life.  When we received an invitation to Liam's 1st birthday party featuring a petting zoo situation, I immediately contacted the hostess Tara to inquire about the potential attendance of baby goats.  Tara assured me there would be not one BUT several in attendance.  Solid "yes" RSVP from the Parnell's. 

Y' heart was not even ready to squish this hard.

THREE BABY GOATS (among other precious animals) 


I mean...that precious little nugget got in my nook and like...stayed.  I don't know if he loved me or if he was just so defeated by the adult that would not get out of the children's petting zoo. It really doesn't matter, I'll take it. 

Another adorable component of the day was the handsome birthday boy himself, Liam! 

Parnell and I bought him this baby Carhartt jacket...had to. 

Happy Birthday sweet boy!  I will make sure to invite you to my 31st that will be an exact replica of your 1st...sue me.