I am SO happy.  

Parnell and I caught the new show "Better Call Saul" and I could not have been more into the pilot episode.  It is filmed in the exact same style as Breaking Bad...which I miss...bad(ly).

I feel I need to mention (for any other idiots out there) that approximately 20 minutes into the episode (maybe more), they showed a character who died in Breaking Bad.  At this point, I looked at P and said something along the lines of "well, that answers that question, the two shows will not overlap characters since...he is technically dead and all.  I guess the director just liked that actor and chose to hire him again anyway." Parnell then had to explain to his oh so clever (usually??) wife, that the ENTIRE episode/show for all we know is a flashback.

Sigh...not my night.

Anyway, I need everyone to record it, watch it, and love it so AMC picks it up for additional seasons...thank you in advance. 

Bob Odenkirk gets two thumbs up from this girl. 

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