It is no secret that I want  need a baby goat in my life.  When we received an invitation to Liam's 1st birthday party featuring a petting zoo situation, I immediately contacted the hostess Tara to inquire about the potential attendance of baby goats.  Tara assured me there would be not one BUT several in attendance.  Solid "yes" RSVP from the Parnell's. 

Y' heart was not even ready to squish this hard.

THREE BABY GOATS (among other precious animals) 


I mean...that precious little nugget got in my nook and like...stayed.  I don't know if he loved me or if he was just so defeated by the adult that would not get out of the children's petting zoo. It really doesn't matter, I'll take it. 

Another adorable component of the day was the handsome birthday boy himself, Liam! 

Parnell and I bought him this baby Carhartt jacket...had to. 

Happy Birthday sweet boy!  I will make sure to invite you to my 31st that will be an exact replica of your 1st...sue me. 


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