What did everyone think of the Oscars this year? I know I am late to the discussion but this Dallas snow/ice has really thrown off my schedule.
I thought overall the show was a semi snooze but I mean...they always kind of are? Right?
I still love NPH and think he did a pretty decent job.  I mean, coming out in your underwear? Slow clap for your bravery.
Of course, I started the evening with the E live coverage of the red carpet which seemed a little unorganized this year?  Anyone?

Below were a few of my favorite looks:

 It was a Texas Tech red, black, and white kind of night.

Parnell and I finally watched The Theory of Everything the Friday prior and I loved it. After having seen the movie, I was so happy Eddie Redmayne won. I also saw Still Alice in theaters and was rooting for Julianne Moore. Birdman on the other hand...I guess I need to watch although I have zero desire...

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