Once we left New Jersey and headed over to NYC, I gained literally 10 pounds in 4 days. Such an eating fest ok.

I'll throw a few pictures up for you visual learners and give you the run down of our stops below. 

not gross by any means but not quite life altering like everyone makes it out to be 

adorable and delicious, I would live there if Dallas had one

delicious, loved the history behind it, prefer Del Friscos (sue me)

communal seating kills me but the cheesecake was the best I have ever had 

adorable and delicious, thank you for the recommendation Tamara! 

not sad about it, my meal literally came in a bowl made of cheese...yes....

As you can see, there were several macaroon stops along the way.  Laduree was like being in a little shabby fattening dream.

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