The newest member of our growing friend group has arrived!  Margot James made an early appearance last week and we were oh so excited to get to the hospital and love on this little squish. 

Side note (this fell under the "practice" category for the boys before their own arrive...)  I now know that P holds infants like footballs and I am on the fence of whether it is scary or impressive.  

I can't wait to see her again...miss her already...sigh...

Congratulations to Sara, Jon and big sister Sloane! 


Well...we didn't exactly move this weekend as anticipated.  I would be lying if I said we didn't know in the back of our minds that there was about a 90% chance of this happening...the joy of working with contractors. 

We did however, pack from sunup to sundown...literally. Parnell finally admitted that he underestimated how much work we still had to do (even with more than half our belongings already in storage). 

This was the state of the new house on what was to be "move in" day...pfffffffffffff

Better luck next week...


With all of our free time this past weekend (sarcasm font), P went out and rented not tools...but equipment from Home Depot. 

The rain held off and allowed this boy to live out his dreams on this...

Yes, that was an operator error "ding"/gash in the fence...I can't...

The equipment pictured above got through our fence in theory but just to be on the safe side, said fence was...well...removed.

Again...I can't....

Said equipment did as promised and removed our bamboo roots for us.

We have now reached the point with the yard progress where we will be ordering sod and plants and having someone else plant them/finish leveling the yard. 

Not sad about it. 


It seems that we have reached that time in life when Parnell and I "bleed money" as he would say.  Most of the recent items we have purchased have been house related and rather boring (hardwood floors, faucets, can lights etc.) It was about time we got around to some of the more "fun" shopping if you will.  

Some of my recent purchases include: 

You have no idea how fast this item went into my cart.  I saw this on Buzzfeed of all places and had to own it immediately.  You see, I spend about 10 minutes a week cleaning toothpaste off of Parnell's sink in the bathroom. When he leans in to rinse his mouth while brushing his teeth...we are left with a toothpaste situation on the drives me insane.  I hope this little gadget gets used (Parnell- I'm looking at you) and is everything I dreamed of and more. 

 Buzz Xtra - Quinny 

That's right...we made our first official purchase for the baby.  My indecisiveness has been off the charts when it comes to baby prep purchases.  "Am I going to get sick of this?" "Is this ugly?" Side note: why is it all so ugly?!? 

I had been going back and forth and back and forth on strollers (even went as far as to order one and cancel the order).  I finally begged P to go to the ever so dreaded Buy Buy Baby and test drive these bad boys until a decision was made.  I don't know if we were both just hungry for dinner or what, but we made a selection in approximately 10 minutes...done. 

Oh and good thing I consulted P...he was not a fan of my original stroller selection...oops. 

Thermostat - Nest 


I have wanted a Nest thermostat for quite some time and was waiting to grab one until we found our house.  I have no idea if they work...this is strictly a form over function purchase.  Sue me. 

Diaper Bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs 

Stroller...check.  Diaper bag...check. 

I almost purchased it in black and then got crazy.


This past weekend was so special for my family as we celebrated the graduation of my brother Chase! I met the gang in Denton for the day of festivities.  I thank him very much for not choosing business as his major...shorter ceremony...less 

Congratulations Chase!  Turn down jobs outside of Dallas and answer my phone calls...thanks. 

A little look at some of his recent projects...

There was only so much creativity in the gene pool and he took more than his fair share. 


So last time I left you with our yard situation...we had just concluded our second weekend of work.  We managed to head back over this past Saturday so we will call that "Phase 3".  After the discovery of about 12 garden snakes (nope) and more vine/rock removal (please see our removed stack below), we are oh so close to having everything cleared out and ready to go for the laying sod/power washing/planting of normal items phase.  So close...

For the record...I am not a yard person.  The only reason I am so focused on this is because the inside of our house is a current demo disaster.  I told Parnell I will be 100% dedicated to the outside of the house until there is an opportunity to be inside the house...and then he is on his own. 

On a positive note, we have met the majority of our neighbors on these working weekends and so far, I really like all of them.  I would say they all are a solid 25-30 years older than us and sweet as can be.  Our direct neighbor is 70 and has a 5 year old...he told us that was "a story for another day".  In addition, the neighbors behind us have a pool which has already been offered to us for our use...winning. 


I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!  We spent the day with my family having an oh so delicious lunch at The Porch in the Dallas downpour.  After parting from my parents, we then spent a small fortune on sink faucets for the new house...such a snooze way to blow money ok. 

This weekend we were also able to pop in to a little gathering to celebrate Mitch and Kayla's engagement (!!) at One Nostalgia Place aka the best trashy yet amazing karaoke bar in Dallas.

Yes, you can completely wear a fishing shirt and fit in just fine there. 

The next morning, we managed to get to the new house first thing, meet the contractor to take care of a few things, then head to Claire and Whit's 3rd/1st birthday fiesta .  After a brief appearance at the oh so precious birthday party, it was back to the house for more manual labor before the rain.

The yard y' never ending...
More on that later. 


Man oh man last night was amazing.  Aside from the terrible weather, and lack of pinot grigio, it was wonderful.
Tamara came to Dallas and we loaded up with Bethany and Jill to go spend some time with our red headed love...Ed Sheeran. 

I'm not sure I have ever attended a concert over the age of 21 without a single drop of alcohol.  Turns out it wasn't half bad.

Ed was the squishiest little squish of all squishes as we knew he would be and quite the entertainer.  If you have not seen him live, I highly recommend it!

Sure enough, Dallas made his instagram account shortly after the concert.


Now we all just need to rest up for his bestie Taylor Swift come this October... (insert shriek here) 


I have been the most terrible blogger lately.  Between work, the house, and a nasty cold...I just haven't had the energy (or any interesting/fun content). 
We have been trying to take advantage of the pretty Dallas days between our much needed rain and tackle the beast of a backyard the previous homeowners left us with...thank you? 

We started with this:

Thank you for the rotting deck, one MILLION random rocks/stones, dead vines, and rain catcher. (??) We also had random bamboo sprouting up everywhere....EVERYWHERE. I tried to convince P to look into a Panda share program with the local zoo (turns out they don't have one).  Instead, we have to remove said bamboo

After a few hours devoted in one afternoon with the help of my dad, we were left with this:

"Phase 1" if you will...

After another long exhausting weekend, my dad, P, and I were left with "Phase 2":

I mean...we have done so much and it still very much looks like a "before" picture. 

The eventual goal? Clear out everything, re-stain and power wash the fence, and get grass/some plants growing where the good ole rotting deck sat. 

Wish us (and my dad) luck...