It seems that we have reached that time in life when Parnell and I "bleed money" as he would say.  Most of the recent items we have purchased have been house related and rather boring (hardwood floors, faucets, can lights etc.) It was about time we got around to some of the more "fun" shopping if you will.  

Some of my recent purchases include: 

You have no idea how fast this item went into my cart.  I saw this on Buzzfeed of all places and had to own it immediately.  You see, I spend about 10 minutes a week cleaning toothpaste off of Parnell's sink in the bathroom. When he leans in to rinse his mouth while brushing his teeth...we are left with a toothpaste situation on the drives me insane.  I hope this little gadget gets used (Parnell- I'm looking at you) and is everything I dreamed of and more. 

 Buzz Xtra - Quinny 

That's right...we made our first official purchase for the baby.  My indecisiveness has been off the charts when it comes to baby prep purchases.  "Am I going to get sick of this?" "Is this ugly?" Side note: why is it all so ugly?!? 

I had been going back and forth and back and forth on strollers (even went as far as to order one and cancel the order).  I finally begged P to go to the ever so dreaded Buy Buy Baby and test drive these bad boys until a decision was made.  I don't know if we were both just hungry for dinner or what, but we made a selection in approximately 10 minutes...done. 

Oh and good thing I consulted P...he was not a fan of my original stroller selection...oops. 

Thermostat - Nest 


I have wanted a Nest thermostat for quite some time and was waiting to grab one until we found our house.  I have no idea if they work...this is strictly a form over function purchase.  Sue me. 

Diaper Bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs 

Stroller...check.  Diaper bag...check. 

I almost purchased it in black and then got crazy.

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  1. gawd I cannot wait to see how disgustingly freaking adorable your little girl will be. please post nursery pics as soon as readily available. thanks :)