I have been the most terrible blogger lately.  Between work, the house, and a nasty cold...I just haven't had the energy (or any interesting/fun content). 
We have been trying to take advantage of the pretty Dallas days between our much needed rain and tackle the beast of a backyard the previous homeowners left us with...thank you? 

We started with this:

Thank you for the rotting deck, one MILLION random rocks/stones, dead vines, and rain catcher. (??) We also had random bamboo sprouting up everywhere....EVERYWHERE. I tried to convince P to look into a Panda share program with the local zoo (turns out they don't have one).  Instead, we have to remove said bamboo

After a few hours devoted in one afternoon with the help of my dad, we were left with this:

"Phase 1" if you will...

After another long exhausting weekend, my dad, P, and I were left with "Phase 2":

I mean...we have done so much and it still very much looks like a "before" picture. 

The eventual goal? Clear out everything, re-stain and power wash the fence, and get grass/some plants growing where the good ole rotting deck sat. 

Wish us (and my dad) luck...

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