I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!  We spent the day with my family having an oh so delicious lunch at The Porch in the Dallas downpour.  After parting from my parents, we then spent a small fortune on sink faucets for the new house...such a snooze way to blow money ok. 

This weekend we were also able to pop in to a little gathering to celebrate Mitch and Kayla's engagement (!!) at One Nostalgia Place aka the best trashy yet amazing karaoke bar in Dallas.

Yes, you can completely wear a fishing shirt and fit in just fine there. 

The next morning, we managed to get to the new house first thing, meet the contractor to take care of a few things, then head to Claire and Whit's 3rd/1st birthday fiesta .  After a brief appearance at the oh so precious birthday party, it was back to the house for more manual labor before the rain.

The yard y' never ending...
More on that later. 

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