So last time I left you with our yard situation...we had just concluded our second weekend of work.  We managed to head back over this past Saturday so we will call that "Phase 3".  After the discovery of about 12 garden snakes (nope) and more vine/rock removal (please see our removed stack below), we are oh so close to having everything cleared out and ready to go for the laying sod/power washing/planting of normal items phase.  So close...

For the record...I am not a yard person.  The only reason I am so focused on this is because the inside of our house is a current demo disaster.  I told Parnell I will be 100% dedicated to the outside of the house until there is an opportunity to be inside the house...and then he is on his own. 

On a positive note, we have met the majority of our neighbors on these working weekends and so far, I really like all of them.  I would say they all are a solid 25-30 years older than us and sweet as can be.  Our direct neighbor is 70 and has a 5 year old...he told us that was "a story for another day".  In addition, the neighbors behind us have a pool which has already been offered to us for our use...winning. 

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