I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!  We spent ours at the lake visiting a certain puffin niece of ours, Maggie (well...and her parents of course) while she is in town from New Jersey. 

Rolls and giggles for days y'all...

Pools and red Solo cups are the way to this child's heart.

I am looking forward to squishing her again over the 4th of July weekend.


Well, we have reached the point in the move where I feel one room is "complete" or shall I say...the most complete.

I knew when we moved that a new dining room table would be a high priority on my list of purchases.  When we decided to keep the front room designated as dining only, I knew we needed to go big and make the most of the allotted space.

Without further ado...



Out with the green and in with the white.


We had the ultimate low key celebration for Ashley this past weekend as she turned 30...with a newborn.  

The ladies gathered at the Hutching's new home with children in tow.  

I just love Ashley trying to get Pearce and Margot to hold hands.  We firmly believe in arranged marriages among our friend group.

Cheers to 30 Ash!


This weekend, Parnell and I headed to the lake for the first time in a very long time.  We have finally reached a point where we don't feel overwhelmed by house errands all weekend so we decided to get away.  In between the rain, we managed to get a bit of sun as I attempt to get a base coat on this pale/larger than ever body of a one piece...sigh. 

It was also Oliver's first time on the boat...loved it. 

I'm biased but I mean...the pup is cute ok.


I am so sorry I left y'all hanging on our yard situation...I know the suspense was killing you. You can rest easy tonight knowing we have a a normal...lawn. So's the little things.

As a reminder, this is the mess we started with:

And here she is today (don't mind Oliver):

Ahhhhh...literally the equivalent of shaving your legs and then getting in a clean set of sheets.

We still have sprinkler work on the list (hence our little scattered flags).  The fence also needs some stain...I call not it.


It's baby season around these parts!  This weekend, I was able to meet the newest nugget in our life, Pearce Hutchings.  

Yes, that is a real baby and not a doll...I checked like 6 times. 

Congratulations to Mark and Ashley! 

I can't wait for my next cuddle session with this peanut.