Well...this past weekend ended up being an extremely productive one for the Parnells.  It started with my group of girlfriends sadly cancelling our annual lake trip due to dwindling numbers...newborns, engagements, marriages, and pregnancies will do that to you.  We'll get em next year girls...

Then we move to P purchasing a new car...sorry...sorry...truck.  I must say, his last one gave him several great years and 270,000 (yes ok) miles worth of memories but I was ready for him to make the switch!  We took his new beauty on the road to the lake for the day Saturday.  This will most likely be my last lake trip before baby Parnell so we soaked up lots of pool time and worked on my base coat. 

After the lake, we headed back to Dallas and tackled our dreaded garage.  We had so many items in the garage that were unnecessary, didn't need to be kept, or needed to be organized.  After a lot of hard work, sweat, and organization, the garage is done...ish

We wrapped the evening with the newest episode of True Detective which I still don't understand or like for that matter, however, I am invested now.  With only 2 episodes left, I can't quit now. 

Cheers to the new week kids! 


Our bedroom was one of our major projects for the house renovations.  We gutted the bathroom and built it out (I'll share more on that at a later date) and the ceiling dome, and dated trim had to go...had to. 



We didn't purchase anything new for this room.  These are all of our existing items.  I hope to switch it up slightly down the road but for now it will do!  We still have Khaki present and the letters from our wedding day.


When we purchased our house, the kitchen was the only room the previous owners had renovated.  Luckily for us it was our taste...for the most part.  We switched out the counter tops, lighting, paint, and back splash for what we feel is a cleaner look. 


(as always, excuse my extremely less than professional photos...)

Parnell and I deserve a slow clap ok...we actually use this kitchen...almost every night.  Miracles do happen. 


Parnell and I lost an hour of our lives last weekend that we will never get back. Said hour was our labor and delivery tour at the hospital.  In the hospital's defense, the tour itself was helpful and brief.  However, we got stuck with some doozies ok.  Choose the 5 most awkward pregnant couples in Dallas who have more questions each than an entire Kindergarten class and that was our group. 

Little did we know that we were entering the "who read the website and manuals more in depth" contest.  It was a know it all fest with P and I trailing in the background and eye rolling so hard they almost fell out of the back of my head. 

"Well I read on the website that ____"

"The online registration says ____"

"The handout you gave us says ___"

"Can we wear full make up?" 

"Can we have on nail polish?" 

"Do you have exercise balls available?" 

"Do you have a photographer?" 

"When does the photographer come in?" 

Literally a question every 2 minutes. 

We should have booked it after they showed us where to park and enter the hospital (which was the 100 degree heat). 

Alas, we survived and are "prepared".. for getting to the hospital...our preparedness stops there.  

Side note: One of the women in our group arrived wearing this shirt...

We know...hence your large stomach and participation today. 


This weekend, we celebrated Wes and Abbie's baby boy on the way with a pool party baby shower.  I spared everyone and went with a caftan and remained are all welcome. Abbie and I are due just days apart and it has been so much fun to be on this weight gain adventure with her. 

 Cheers to baby Cole and hopefully locking down some form of arranged marriage for our offspring. Too soon?!

THE BETES seems this pregnancy was moving along with just a liiiiiiittle too much ease.  I received a call from my doctor's office that I failed my first glucose test.  After scheduling my second glucose test...the good ole three hour test, I failed that as well. 


Side note: I felt it was a sign that I thoroughly enjoyed the drink they make you take prior to the test.  Most pregnant women I know complain and think its disgusting.  I on the other hand, inquired about taking a six pack home with me. Should have known...

I have officially been diagnosed with gestational diabetes...or as Parnell refers to it "the betes." Aside from 2 new doctors thrown in the mix and additional appointments, I must admit its not changing my life quite yet.  I do however have to prick my finger multiple times a day which is not exactly my cup of tea. 

Thus far, my numbers are looking decent and will hopefully stay that way.  In the meantime, I am avoiding my buddies Ben and Jerry like the plague in the hopes that helps my current situation.

Have some sugar for me kids...


Last weekend, I hosted a bridal shower for my favorite little peach, Elizabeth.  Before you are all "oh how sweet of you", please note, the impending birth of our child coordinates with her wedding date, making me the worst Maid of Honor in history...or one of them. 

The shower took place at one of my favorite lunch spots, The Hospitality Sweet

I am doing my best not to be photographed the last few weeks of this pregnancy but managed to suck it up (not in) for a few shots with the bride to be. 

Cheers to the future Mrs. Warren!


I hope everyone had a safe and fabulous 4th of July!  Ours was...interesting...
We headed to the lake to meet up with family and friends.  The plan was to get there much earlier than we did, which can be blamed on my lack of sleep the night before.  Anyway, by the time we got ready, got gas in the car and were on our way, there was no time for breakfast and we were a solid hour and a half behind schedule. 

After the hour drive to the lake, this girl needed stat.  I asked Parnell very sweetly to stop at my favorite breakfast burrito establishment ( Texas) so we could grab something before we got to the house. Big mistake. He sternly said he was not stopping and that we were going straight to the house, after picking up ice for the group.

Cue a hungry, pregnant Whitney saying something along the lines of "oh so we can stop and get ice but we can't stop to feed your very pregnant wife who hasn't eaten." Please note...there may have been frustrated tears involved (not proud...not proud). 

Well...low and behold, we pull up to the house and I immediately dash into the bathroom to check out my anger/tear face and lock it up.  I then proceed to wonder around the completely empty house until I find my...surprise baby shower in the game room.  

Y' poor husband.  I apologized after consuming the delicious brunch everyone had prepared for us. 

I will leave you with a few pictures of my reaction.  I cried half because I was so shocked and half because I was in a bathing suit...don't mind the 31 week bump and puffy face...

Charity to the ultimate secret keepers/planners for a wonderful start to our 4th of July weekend.  Baby girl Parnell is so spoiled already! 


The guest bathroom was pretty sad when we purchased the new house.  It consisted of a hodgepodge of colors and finishes and was definitely not... "us".  


Here she is along the way:


Again...I very much favor white whenever possible and P goes along with it (charity). 

I'm not sure if we will add any artwork along the way...I am kind of digging the minimalist vibe in here...we shall see!