Parnell and I lost an hour of our lives last weekend that we will never get back. Said hour was our labor and delivery tour at the hospital.  In the hospital's defense, the tour itself was helpful and brief.  However, we got stuck with some doozies ok.  Choose the 5 most awkward pregnant couples in Dallas who have more questions each than an entire Kindergarten class and that was our group. 

Little did we know that we were entering the "who read the website and manuals more in depth" contest.  It was a know it all fest with P and I trailing in the background and eye rolling so hard they almost fell out of the back of my head. 

"Well I read on the website that ____"

"The online registration says ____"

"The handout you gave us says ___"

"Can we wear full make up?" 

"Can we have on nail polish?" 

"Do you have exercise balls available?" 

"Do you have a photographer?" 

"When does the photographer come in?" 

Literally a question every 2 minutes. 

We should have booked it after they showed us where to park and enter the hospital (which was the 100 degree heat). 

Alas, we survived and are "prepared".. for getting to the hospital...our preparedness stops there.  

Side note: One of the women in our group arrived wearing this shirt...

We know...hence your large stomach and participation today. 

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