THE BETES seems this pregnancy was moving along with just a liiiiiiittle too much ease.  I received a call from my doctor's office that I failed my first glucose test.  After scheduling my second glucose test...the good ole three hour test, I failed that as well. 


Side note: I felt it was a sign that I thoroughly enjoyed the drink they make you take prior to the test.  Most pregnant women I know complain and think its disgusting.  I on the other hand, inquired about taking a six pack home with me. Should have known...

I have officially been diagnosed with gestational diabetes...or as Parnell refers to it "the betes." Aside from 2 new doctors thrown in the mix and additional appointments, I must admit its not changing my life quite yet.  I do however have to prick my finger multiple times a day which is not exactly my cup of tea. 

Thus far, my numbers are looking decent and will hopefully stay that way.  In the meantime, I am avoiding my buddies Ben and Jerry like the plague in the hopes that helps my current situation.

Have some sugar for me kids...

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