I hope everyone had a safe and fabulous 4th of July!  Ours was...interesting...
We headed to the lake to meet up with family and friends.  The plan was to get there much earlier than we did, which can be blamed on my lack of sleep the night before.  Anyway, by the time we got ready, got gas in the car and were on our way, there was no time for breakfast and we were a solid hour and a half behind schedule. 

After the hour drive to the lake, this girl needed stat.  I asked Parnell very sweetly to stop at my favorite breakfast burrito establishment ( Texas) so we could grab something before we got to the house. Big mistake. He sternly said he was not stopping and that we were going straight to the house, after picking up ice for the group.

Cue a hungry, pregnant Whitney saying something along the lines of "oh so we can stop and get ice but we can't stop to feed your very pregnant wife who hasn't eaten." Please note...there may have been frustrated tears involved (not proud...not proud). 

Well...low and behold, we pull up to the house and I immediately dash into the bathroom to check out my anger/tear face and lock it up.  I then proceed to wonder around the completely empty house until I find my...surprise baby shower in the game room.  

Y' poor husband.  I apologized after consuming the delicious brunch everyone had prepared for us. 

I will leave you with a few pictures of my reaction.  I cried half because I was so shocked and half because I was in a bathing suit...don't mind the 31 week bump and puffy face...

Charity to the ultimate secret keepers/planners for a wonderful start to our 4th of July weekend.  Baby girl Parnell is so spoiled already! 

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