Well...this past weekend ended up being an extremely productive one for the Parnells.  It started with my group of girlfriends sadly cancelling our annual lake trip due to dwindling numbers...newborns, engagements, marriages, and pregnancies will do that to you.  We'll get em next year girls...

Then we move to P purchasing a new car...sorry...sorry...truck.  I must say, his last one gave him several great years and 270,000 (yes ok) miles worth of memories but I was ready for him to make the switch!  We took his new beauty on the road to the lake for the day Saturday.  This will most likely be my last lake trip before baby Parnell so we soaked up lots of pool time and worked on my base coat. 

After the lake, we headed back to Dallas and tackled our dreaded garage.  We had so many items in the garage that were unnecessary, didn't need to be kept, or needed to be organized.  After a lot of hard work, sweat, and organization, the garage is done...ish

We wrapped the evening with the newest episode of True Detective which I still don't understand or like for that matter, however, I am invested now.  With only 2 episodes left, I can't quit now. 

Cheers to the new week kids! 

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