Ok so...P and I have been cheating on his first love, Chick-fil-a...with Super Chix.  My brother went a while back when he was interning in Addison and swore by it.  P and I followed shortly afterwards and could not agree more...legit. 

We made the trek over to the Addison area last weekend (literally this place's only downfall is that it is not closer).  I busted out the camera and snapped away a picture of my order much to Parnell's dismay. 

Not only do they have amazing chicken and delightful fries...but they have custard.  The custard of the day when we were there was Dutch Apple Pie...featuring pie from my other love, Emporium Pies.  Sold.

Not gross...not gross at all. 


This past weekend, I attended my last shower before this little peach makes her appearance.  Our family friend Teri, and my cousin's wife, Ainslie hosted a perfect get together to celebrate baby Parnell. Per usual, I did a lot more mingling and a lot less picture taking.  

Baby Parnell came away with so many spoils and P and I slayed the nesting game getting everything washed, setup, unpacked, and put together.  Although her things are in place, I would love for her to delay an arrival for a liiiiiiittle while longer. Maybe until her due date?  I am a planner and I dislike surprises....


I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

I sadly, due to Doctor's orders, missed Boo's bachelorette weekend in Vail.  My FOMO was at an ultimate high as I scanned all the amazing instragrams sober and sweating in Dallas. Oh and watching this little one like a hawk as he suffered his second bacterial infection in a matter of weeks....

My mom stepped in to keep an eye on Oliver while we headed to Fort Worth to Matt and Mia's wedding on Saturday. The wedding was beautiful and it was so great to catch up with some of our friends we have not seen in a while.  P had a jolly time due to his designated driver and ended the evening at Whataburger with a trunk full of glow sticks that he attempted to hide in his jacket pocket...I can't make this up. I also would like to apologize to all wedding guests that did not receive said glow sticks. 

Congratulations to the Rainey's! 


Oh the master bathroom...such a headache.  

The previous layout of our room had this odd little corner of completely wasted real estate.  It was almost serving as a reading nook...facing the thank you. 

P had a vision from the start and I completely let him run with it instructing him to "use white where possible". 

In this first picture you can see the odd nook (coral paint) where we extended the existing bathroom.



Please keep in mind how impossible it is for this ammeter, know nothing photographer to photograph a tiny bathroom at a decent angle ok...thanks.


Oh the nursery...something I thought would be relatively easy...not so much. 
Parnell and I went back and forth a lot on the concept for the nursery.  Should we have fun with the space?  Should it stand out from the rest of the house? 

In the end, we definitely played it safe with our favorites...simplicity...and white (lots of it).   I turned to my favorite place and the spot of our honeymoon, The Viceroy Anguilla for a bit of inspiration.

Here is what we ended up with:

I took the above photos on our honeymoon and had them printed and framed.
I'm not sure what anyone else will think but Oliver sure does love it...


After my shower this past Saturday, a group of girls came over to lounge about and love on some babies.  I swear the children were content and happy until we laid them down to pose for a picture...

I laughed...sue me. 

Later that evening it was time to celebrate Boo and Clayton in Fort Worth for their couples shower.  We had such a great time catching up with the FW crew and celebrating the happy couple! 

Oh and by the way...I got crazy and cut off 6 1/2 inches of hair.  I mean yes it is healthier but give me my damaged goods back...I miss the length. 


Last weekend, I had a baby shower hosted by my nearest and dearest (literally my bridesmaids). These ladies know my love for low key, pretty affairs with good food.  The shower took place at the oh so fabulous T Room at Forty Five Ten.  

I attempted to take some photos between socializing, presents, and bites of food.  

Horizontal chevron 35 weeks pregnant...bold move...I know