In typical Whitney and Parnell fashion, we had anything but a relaxing weekend.  Nesting and errand running was in full force as well as some social meals out with friends (squeezing those in before we are under house arrest).  One of these said meals took place at Dave & Buster's.  I wish I was kidding. 

Parnell has been asking me to go to dinner at Dave & Buster's for like...three years to which I always reply with an eye roll and something along the lines of "where should we really go?"  Well...all my husband's dreams came true when not only did we go, but other people agreed to go with us. I must say, the evening turned out to be quite fun...

In case you were wondering, Parnell has approximately 20,000 (yes) tickets on his card and decided to save them for our next trip instead of picking a prize.  So...I think that was his way of guaranteeing a return trip?? 

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