We have an unofficial tradition of attending the State Fair of Texas with the Platts and Hutchings.  I think we are on like year three or four??
This year, we left all the babes at home and found the beer garden very quickly upon entry. 

After a Fletcher's corn dog (obviously) we found the number one item on my list...the newly created deep fried carrot cake.

It was everything I dreamed of and more y'all...amazing.

After this party in my mouth, I was completely go with the flow and content.  Sara decided that this year was the year of the ride...and we were all going on them...together. We started out semi easy and got some giggles and pictures during ride #1.  Feeling great afterwards, we grabbed more drinks and made our way to ride #2.  

Lets just say we should have focused a little more on the logistics of ride #2 before getting on it ourselves.  It was pretty aggressive and that is coming from someone who has very little issues with roller coasters/rides.

The ride stopped and I walked off to find this: (sorry Ashley, I love you, don't be angry)

Literally leaning over the Converse to add insult to injury (oh and Jon still wearing Sara's purse...minor detail). 

What you don't see is our drive home where we had to pull over because Ashley was so sick.  I tried unsuccessfully to not laugh at her pain. 

Until next year (maybe minus Ash...I kid...sort of). 


I must admit, Parnell and I have had a girl and boy's name picked out long before we knew we were expecting.  As many couples do (don't lie), we discussed the matter of names on a long car ride one day pre-pregnancy.  It was just one of those "life planning" discussions that pop up here and there. 
We both knew we wanted children, yes, but naming them was an entirely different conversation. 

I, like many females I know, had "the name" should I have a daughter one day.  My very first client at my very first job out of college had this name and I just loved it (and her-she was adorable).   Ironically enough, I have never had a boy name I held dear or cared to fight for but my girl name...Parnell just had to like it...he just had to. There was no other option for me. 

As we drove, he asked "well what is this girl name that I just have to like?" 


Silence...long silence...

"I like that..."

It was at this moment that we saw a billboard out of my passenger side window on the highway that read "Got Baby?" and was an advertisement for the local hospital.  The next billboard...literally the next one was an advertisement for a new housing development that read "Mercer Estates." 

The sign of all signs (literally).

We decided right then and there, that should we ever be blessed with a babe and should that babe be a girl, Mercer Parnell she would be. 

When we found out we were pregnant, and indeed expecting a girl, we started to crack down on finding the perfect middle name for our new addition.  It was extremely important to me that the middle name stem from a family member or family name and not just be a "filler" or name we just happened to like. No matter what names were tossed around, we always came back to Kelly.

Kelly was my cousin who sadly passed away and who I think of often.  With my aunt and uncle's extremely meaningful blessing, we knew we had the perfect middle name for Mercer. 

Mercer Kelly Parnell she would be. 


Thanks to the incredibly punctual timing of one miss Mercer Parnell and a complication free labor, we were able to make it to Boerne, Texas for Boo and Clayton's wedding.  
Since day one of finding out we were pregnant, we knew it would be a game time decision on whether or not we would be able to make the trip and attend. 
The Wednesday evening before the wedding, we loaded up the car and headed out dress shopping (charity  I found a long coral dress on our first stop...sign.

I am sad I didn't take a lot of pictures but oh my word was it beautiful!  From the amazing venue to the gorgeous bride, I am thrilled we were there. 

Congratulations to my favorite peach Mrs. Warren! I hope I wasn't too boring and postpartum...


Mercer Kelly is one month old...craziness I tell you.  

I got this little peach loaded up on milk and then clicked away for a mini photo session to document the occasion!

She is currently sitting in the 80th percentile for weight and 90th for height (say what??).
Lately we frequent Target and Starbucks more often than some of their own employees.  

Cheers little girl!