We woke up bright dark and early the day after Christmas and headed out to the lake to spend time with Parnell's family. We had rain the entire time and baby girl loved every minute of mother like daughter.

When it came time to open gifts someone was a little busy snoozing.  Are we seeing a pattern here? 

We eventually woke little miss up and assisted with her gift opening. 

Sally got the granddaughters the most adorable MacKenzie Childs tea set for the lake.  I see many tea parties in our future...

Now I have to share with you a fat story...

Sally decided to make cheesecake (my favorite) for dessert.  During the baking process, my sister in law, Megan, got her hand stuck in the to the point of the metal bending ok...yes...ouch. She ended up being fine and in the oven the cheesecake went.  I had the first slice later that evening before bed and devoured it, like...standing up in the kitchen style.  I thought to myself "this isn't the sweetest cheesecake I have ever had but its good". A few minutes later, P's mom and sister start their slices...silence. Sally informed me "you never need to worry about hurting my feelings Whitney." 


Turns out during the commotion, sugar and vanilla were never added to the batter....

Yes ok. 

I am so fat and ate in such a hurry that I dominated cheesecake lacking vanilla and sugar.

Not my finest moment. After my cheesecake embarrassment, I trudged off to bed with this one.

Baby slippers...sigh.

We drove home Sunday morning and got to business taking down the Christmas decor.  I like to get in there and rip it off like a Band-Aid. 

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