Every year, Jenn hosts the ladies for a Christmas gift exchange/dinner.  She whips up life altering pasta and cocktails while we have a white elephant exchange.

This year, we went with a pajama theme because...let's get real...we never end up going out like we say we might. I of course, just sold all of my fleece footed one piece pajamas in our last garage sale...I knew I should have held on to them. I showed up in a Twilight Edward T-shirt which, sadly for Parnell, I actually wear to bed from time to time.

Everyone was on their best behavior this year...we had very little stealing during our gift exchange (which have been known to get heated in the past).

We wrapped the evening by playing Hollywood Game Night.  My team was atrocious (myself included).  We couldn't have found a correct answer if it was glued to our face. 

Good times...good times. 

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