Last week, we had Mercer's first "school party" at her daycare.  Yes...a party for infants.  Her teachers are the cutest and organized an entire to do complete with festive music and an activity. 

This was her reaction when I told her infants have holiday parties...

Ok so...I would say about 1/3 of the time I pick her up in the evenings, she is not wearing the outfit I dropped her off in due to spit up or other loveliness that babies produce. In addition to this tidbit, her daycare asks that you not send your child in complicated/super cute outfits that they have to deal with all day.  In other words, leave your headbands and dresses at home. I dressed M in the outfit above thinking this was a solid compromise assuming she kept it on all day. 

After work, traffic was horrific and Parnell and I were both terribly late.  I walked into the room with Mercer screaming and every other parent staring (and judging)...typical. My first thought upon seeing her (after the screams subsided) was "oh good-she made it through one outfit today so we are still festive." This was until I glanced around the room and saw every single child in a super cute like I might run into Santa holiday outfit. Bows on dresses on ruffles.  One infant had a children's Santa hat Are we the only rule followers and are now paying the price in commemorative photos?  Did these parents like get here early and bring a festive change of clothes?!

Sorry little girl...

It turns out our "activity" was to paint an ornament the teachers made with each child's footprint and name.  This of course, became an activity for the parents seeing as everyone in the class is under 10 months of age.  I patiently waited my turn at the crafting station and then had to ask to open the gold and black paint bottles because no one else had.  Red? Green? Purple? Pink? Blue? Pass

This was our end result:

I may have made her foot look slightly wider than it is...

All in all, we had a great time meeting the other parents/children in her class.  Sister was spent by the time the car pulled into the garage.


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