I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving with their loved ones. We had the most chaotic and crazy holiday in the most amazing way. 24 adults, 4 babies, and 4 kids made their way to my aunt's house for the festivities. Mercer was a PILL the entire evening but I managed to get some Pinot Noir in my system between her outbursts. Better luck at Christmas? 

We started the morning watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade...a must for me. We aren't quite sure where my nostalgic love of this tradition came from because everyone else in my family can't stand to watch.  Perhaps it stems from my love of Miracle on 34th Street?  Who knows...

P whipped us up a delicious breakfast while I introduced Mercer to my favorite tradition.

Completely unimpressed... 

We then locked it up and got out of our pajamas to get the day going. I snapped a few quick pictures before we headed out the door:

We had a minor bow mishap en route...

We were the very last people to arrive which is complete crap.  Every year we agree upon a time, and then I am the only person there at that time.  This year, I thought "I am going to play it cool and get there 30 minutes late/when everyone else gets there." Next year I will shoot for 15 minutes late for a happy medium. 

First Thanksgiving holiday in the books! 

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