Mercer has a new, albeit tiny, addition in her room.  We created a reading nook for the littlest Parnell in what was previously an empty corner. She isn't super into books just yet but we are working on it.  Actually, on second thought, she may just despise my reading voice and inflections, for which I can't blame her. 

Beanbag / Pottery Barn Kids 

Print / Papyrus

Frame / Target

Lamp / Target 

Book Caddy / Land of Nod


We literally can't win in 2016.  
Mercer tested positive for RSV (apologies in advance to every child she played with this past 

She had a few cold like symptoms but then her fever spiked Monday at daycare and it was back to the doctor for the Parnell clan. Her sweet saint of a pediatrician agreed to see us at 5:50PM.

He said her case seems fairly mild so we shall see how this week goes. 


This past weekend was one of those where I need a weekend from my weekend...we all know the feeling. I didn't take many pictures to capture our of which was taking Oliver to the vet to be completely shaved because his dry skin issues are so severe (bless his is not a good look). 

We also popped in to see sweet Mr. Liam Long turn 2. I whipped out my phone to snap some photos at his Gymboree birthday.  Mercer appears less than thrilled in the pictures but I promise she enjoyed herself, well, I think she did...she didn't really say. 

Her sweet friends Pearce and Margot hung out with her on the "activity" mat. 

Saturday night, I went out to dinner (and after dinner drinks...go me) with the Aggie crew.  I took zero photos but had such a great night with the girls. I left M at home with her P and  her new friend Sophie. 

We love Sophie around here. 


I rarely get sentimental and sappy on this little blog of mine but man oh man was this past Sunday a special day. 

Surrounded by family and her Godparents, Mercer Kelly Parnell was baptized January 17, 2016. Much like our wedding and her birth, it is a day I will never forget.

Parnell and I have watched many baptisms at our church on Sundays and it was surreal to be standing up there with Mercer in my arms for her baptism.  I have prayed countless times for that moment and the fact that it was there and we were living it was overwhelmingly wonderful.

Following the service, which Mercer was on her best behavior...possibly ever for, we had a gathering at our house.   Mercer slept through a solid hour of it but she had a big morning ok...

Please excuse the insane amount of pictures. 

I also snapped a few pictures of the decor.  I kept it simple, surprise surprise.  Mercer's Godmother, Elizabeth, brought the most beautiful cookies for the party!

The entire day was pure perfection and we could not be more grateful.