Mercer Kelly is four months old today! 

We go to the doctor tomorrow so I don't have her percentile stats, however, she is a peanut in comparison to other babies her age.  Girlfriend is weighing in at approximately 12.5  pounds and is still rocking 0-3 month clothing.  We just started putting her in size 1 diapers...I wish my butt was that small as well.  Overall, she is long and lean...must be nice. 

To note: Four month sleep regression exists and we are living proof.  I think Mercer may have a tad of overachiever in her so she stopped sleeping slightly earlier at 15 weeks.  Although I am slightly sleep deprived, I could listen to her chat away in her crib for hours...cutest noises ever.

 She is also at the stage of sticking anything we hand her directly into her mouth...including her number 4.

She is also extremely fascinated with her hands...

Cheers baby girl!  We love you so!

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