One area of the house that has bothered me for quite some time was our entryway.  It left anything but a great first impression.  When we purchased the house, this is what we started with:

We added new tile and new paint during renovations but then it remained empty, sad, and untouched. 

Parnell surprised me on my birthday with an entryway table I had mentioned liking (good listener).  That kind of got the ball rolling on filling this space. 

We ran into a bit of an issue when it came to finding a runner.  We brought home a few and returned them within hours.  I finally found one that spoke to me on Overstock and with P's approval it was ordered.  It had been a few days and I had received no update on the shipping and processing.  Concerned, I called Overstock only to be informed the rug was actually out of stock (oh the irony) and I would be issued a return and a credit for future purchases. Well, it was too late, my mind was already made up and that had to be the rug.  I diligently watched it on the website waiting for availability,  When it came back in stock, I ordered it...again.  Now...I can't make this up...within 24 hours I received an email stating there was an error and the rug was actually still out of stock and was again refunded and credited on my account. I can't.  I held out and waited patiently until the rug finally returned in stock...bought it for a third time and actually had it delivered...finally

I am oh so glad I found patience somewhere deep within myself because I love the rug and how the space turned out.  A few minor changes but a much better impact than blank space. 

Oliver approved. 

Next on the agenda..I am toying around with the idea of painting the door black on the interior side....hmm...thoughts?

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