This past weekend was one of those where I need a weekend from my weekend...we all know the feeling. I didn't take many pictures to capture our adventures...one of which was taking Oliver to the vet to be completely shaved because his dry skin issues are so severe (bless his bones...it is not a good look). 

We also popped in to see sweet Mr. Liam Long turn 2. I whipped out my phone to snap some photos at his Gymboree birthday.  Mercer appears less than thrilled in the pictures but I promise she enjoyed herself, well, I think she did...she didn't really say. 

Her sweet friends Pearce and Margot hung out with her on the "activity" mat. 

Saturday night, I went out to dinner (and after dinner drinks...go me) with the Aggie crew.  I took zero photos but had such a great night with the girls. I left M at home with her P and  her new friend Sophie. 

We love Sophie around here. 

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