Knee high baby socks...I can't.  They give me all the feels.  Parnell needs to stop me before I raid Etsy. 


This past weekend, I joined some lovely ladies for dinner at Ida Claire and I declare that it was fabulous and I shall return. 

I tried to refrain from photographing my food but it was just too good. 

In true Whitney fashion, I completely over ordered and didn't exactly cry about it. For example, I flagged down our waitress in a sudden panic and ordered a side of biscuits...after ordering a sandwich that is served on a biscuit...

I can't wait to venture back to Addison (the restaurant's only shortfall) to check another entree off of my list-the entire menu sounded extremely up my alley. 


We have been attempting to give Mercer solids for the past month to no avail.  She has been completely uninterested (must be nice)...until last night.  P suggested we give it another go and man oh man was she on board. 

She finished her entire portion and gave us a lot of laughs along the way. 

Pears for the win.


This weekend started out with minimal plans and quickly escalated into a packed few days (per usual).
My brother, Chase, moved into his new place and my father conveniently got a case of food poisoning as he was supposed to be helping...enter P assisting with the move. Mercer and I tagged along to supervise. If you ever want to feel extremely out of place in Dallas, just head on down to Deep Ellum on a Saturday with an infant.

On Sunday, we celebrated Harper's 1st birthday at the Ackerman's.  Sadly, we didn't make it long before Mercer had a meltdown and informed me she was ready leave.  She passed out the minute the car started moving and did not wake up for 3 hours.  I did manage to snap a few pictures of her before the party when she was in a much more pleasant mood.

Jenn, per usual, had quite the spread.  I may have taken more than my share of lunch items. 

Cheers to Harper!


Last week, I finally tackled a piece of Mercer's room that had been bothering me...her bed.  When we "completed" the room, I threw on pillows from around the house that would not be missed in their original locations but they were not exactly what I had in mind. 

I then got in my head that I needed a Moroccan Wedding Blanket...I know...I am so late to that party. After searching high and low, I could not find one I loved that was not used (sue me-I do not want a used blanket).  Not to mention...they are quite costly.  This is when I decided to aim for pillows made of the same fabrics.  These proved slightly easier to come by.  Just as I was about to pull the trigger on a pair, I popped in Homegoods and spied a similar look at a fraction of the cost. I took them home and there they stayed. 

I also added Euro shams to her bed because I have them on every bed always and somehow did not include them on hers the first go round...I guess I was busy just being pregnant...


The Platt girls oh so graciously let Mercer borrow their adorable Burberry shoes.  M was so cheerful with them on her feet (who could blame her) that we had to snap some pictures. 


Last week, Sara and her mom Sherry hosted a Girl Scout cookie and wine pairing evening...amazing right?  The only setback for this girl was the fact that I chose to give up sweets for Lent...have no fear, I thoroughly enjoyed my wine night.

I snapped several photos because Sara never does anything half way and the adorable setup had to be captured and shared. Think this table is impressive?  You should check out what she does to entire houses....

Thank you s much to the Lanier ladies for hosting such a fun night! 


Our little furry man turned 11 years old this past Saturday.  This not only makes me sad because I know our time with him is limited in the big picture but it is also depressing because I got him in college...eleven years ago..yikes. 

Oliver has been such a trooper transitioning from only "child" to sharing his time and space with Mercer. He is so patient with her and exceeded my expectations for his behavior when we brought her home. 

He is completely shaved right now due to his sensitive and dry skin issues but in my eyes he is still the cutest. 

Happy birthday sweet boy!