I am scared to even type that everyone in our house seems to be semi back to normal this week.  The doctor said a lot of children recovering from RSV end up coming down with an ear infection...please please please pleeeeease no. 

This little love has been a champ through it all.  She hasn't slept much, but while she is awake, she has been a champ. 

Is anyone else obsessed with MILKBARN?  I want it all. My coworker gifted Mercer this sweet little lovey and she is infatuated with it (shout out Paul). I think everything they make is the cutest.

We also started placing M in her walker because this long girl's toes are basically on the floor (I prop a book/pillow under it in the meantime). If I am working on something or not available for play time, I  leave her with a plethora of options to entertain herself, as pictured. 

We also have Oliver supervising at all times in this house.

I will leave you with this 1st bath/4 month bath side by side.  I think of her as so small until I put it in perspective. 

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