This past Saturday, Parnell and I left our RSV baby and headed to Fort Worth to see friends...I know...we are selfish. I owe my mom majorly for sticking it out with a sick babe on babysitting duty. 

We started the day waiting in the most aggressive line in America at Joe T's. We had already been waiting about 30-45 minutes when they walked the line to inform us we were looking at about 2 additional hours.  Right about then, the Fort Worth crew's friend Rob, worked his magic and we were seated within minutes...ummmm...just met you and I already love you. 

The weather was amazing and the company fabulous.  Little miss Mary Catherine joined us and was the perfect angel.  I need to set up a play date for her and Mercer so she can teach M a thing or two about positive attitudes. 

Following "brunch" which became lunch and a late one at that, we got ready and headed over to Chimy's for a drink. Ahhhh I love to go there and pretend I am at the Lubbock location and back in college. Apparently everyone I was with felt the same way and ordered Dr. Pepper shootouts. 

From Chimy's we headed over to the rodeo for dinner.  Now...this is partially my fault.  I went to the rodeo two years ago (I think it has been two years...) and I had to leave hours before everyone else because my allergies were so out of control.  This year, I thought I would be 100% in the safe zone because we were not fraternizing with animals but y'all...the scent on people and furniture and walls ok.  I was a little sneezier than I would have preferred and started to literally feel hung dinner...
While everyone went out afterwards, I headed home...

Ugh, maybe one day I will get cooler and be able to hang.  Most likely not, but its great to have dreams and goals. 

 A huge thank you to the Fort Worth crew for showing us such a fabulous time! 

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