We didn't get around to doing much this weekend...and it was amazing.  We have so much on the books in the upcoming weeks that it was nice to take a break and laze about.  
I snapped a few pictures of Mercer before we headed out the door for church.  We always debate checking her into the church nursery but my guilt of her being in daycare all week gets the best of me and I hold her the entire service.  Normally she is quite content in my arms staring at stained glass, this week however, not so much.  I was that girl pacing around with a baby on the brink of a full on melt down.  Googling the church nursery check in procedure now... 


Later that day, we headed over to the Kent's for the Super Bowl.  I literally consumed thousands of calories and watched about one solid minute of the game. We stuck around long enough to watch that let down of a half time show. 

I can not stop laughing at the picture below that Sara took of our crazy get together. Also, does your heart melt looking at Mitch and Kayla with Mercer (pretend Mitch's eyes are open)?  They probably have more photos of themselves with her than Parnell and I do...need to work on getting in front of the lens and not behind it...

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! 

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