This weekend started out with minimal plans and quickly escalated into a packed few days (per usual).
My brother, Chase, moved into his new place and my father conveniently got a case of food poisoning as he was supposed to be helping...enter P assisting with the move. Mercer and I tagged along to supervise. If you ever want to feel extremely out of place in Dallas, just head on down to Deep Ellum on a Saturday with an infant.

On Sunday, we celebrated Harper's 1st birthday at the Ackerman's.  Sadly, we didn't make it long before Mercer had a meltdown and informed me she was ready leave.  She passed out the minute the car started moving and did not wake up for 3 hours.  I did manage to snap a few pictures of her before the party when she was in a much more pleasant mood.

Jenn, per usual, had quite the spread.  I may have taken more than my share of lunch items. 

Cheers to Harper!

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