The other night, we embraced the 65 degree weather and fired up the grill in the backyard.  I slipped on Mercer's oh so adorable baby Patagonia before she no longer fits in it. 

Parnell came home with this jacket one day after picking it out all on his own...which makes it even that much more adorable.


I hope everyone had a wonderful, blessed Easter with their loved ones! 
We celebrated at our home with both sides of the family.  We rounded up the troops for 9:00am service just as a random cold front moved in.  It was overcast, chilly, and windy...normally not a huge issue, however, our church celebrates Easter outside...
Following the service, we headed home for brunch.  The weather did a complete switch up and became sunny and beautiful.  Turns out the late bird actually got the worm this time. 
We didn't take many photos due to the previously mentioned weather, but I did snap some of Mercer indoors. 

My friend Natalie makes the best sugar cookies and was kind enough to make some for my place settings.  Parnell and I gave up sweets for Lent so these were extra exciting and a long time coming!


Last weekend, I headed to Horseshoe Bay for our annual girls weekend to the Yantis lake house (affectionately referred to as the Atyantis Resort and Spa).  We ended up cancelling last year because so many of us were pregnant.  This year, we made it back after the addition of 7, yes 7, new babies to the group. 

Friday evening, we rolled into town not a moment too soon before hail struck and a serious storm blew in. Due to the unfortunate weather, we did what we do best...ate and drank wine inside. Ashley started a small cheese melting/burning situation in the oven and Gill brought face masks for some mini spa treatments.  

Knowing we would most likely have pretty terrible weather, Danielle had planned ahead for us to have a nice little day out on Saturday.  A shuttle bus picked us up to take us to a winery and lunch.  This was the most fabulous idea until the day actually arrived and everyone was hungover and car sick...oops. 

Always such a fabulous time with my people. 

Until next year! 


When I found out we were having a girl, my mom dropped off a few items she had kept of mine from childhood (this is saying a lot, we both throw away everything).  One of the items was a precious little swimsuit.  I organized Mercer's closet this week making way for her 6-9M clothing (finally) and stumbled across it.  It is on the smaller side and we haven't quite reached swimming weather in Dallas so we settled for an indoor photo session. 


Oh Target, by far my favorite store.  I will find any excuse to go.  Many of you have probably spotted the new collection by Joy Cho, Oh Joy!  I had no idea they had clothing until I came across it perusing their website. I bought a few pieces, received them in the mail and promptly ordered whatever else they had in Mercer's size. She may have a few cute numbers coming in her Easter basket...

I put her in one of the rompers this past weekend and she seemed to love it...she even sat for the first time on her own! 

Ruffled sleeves, neon, and a sitter...I'll take it! 


My mom whipped up a little number for Mercer this past weekend.  I put M into it once it was finished and she was beyond pumped as pictured below: 


We managed to fit in so much this past weekend...slow clap. 
We kicked things off with dinner at The Capital Grille to celebrate my mother in law's birthday.  I ate more than I should have (per usual) and put myself into a food coma. 

We woke up bright and early Saturday and headed out to our storage unit to clear it out.  This has been on the to do list for far too long and it was time to stop talking about it and do it

I posted a few items to our local online Facebook garage sale and had some success.  I can now see why people think selling items on there is addicting...

Later in the day, my friend Lauren brought over her two adorable girls to meet Mercer.  Taylor is Lauren's youngest and is 4 weeks and about 15 pounds ahead of Mercer...

Between her luscious locks and her cheeks...I just can't. 

We ended the weekend with another fun dinner out and lunch on the patio Sunday.  

Aside from trying to get Mercer to sleep in complete sunlight Sunday evening (thank you daylight savings) we had a wonderful weekend! 

I was feeling great as I headed into the office Monday...until I dropped my phone...and shattered my first iPhone screen.  I had such a good record...


Last weekend, Kayla and Mitch hosted a group at the pond house in Emory, Texas.  The boys spent the day hunting innocent birds while the girls explored Canton.  

I don't know if it was the beautiful weather, our late arrival, or both but Canton was beyond crowded.  We came prepared to find some scores (see carts below) but left, for the most part, pretty empty handed.  I purchased stadium nachos...literally my only find.

Following Canton, the girls headed back to the house and destroyed several dips and bottles of wine while we waited for the boys.  One Mr. Michael Parnell had a little trouble with his keyless entry after the hunt and was delayed while waiting for the local locksmith to finish dinner and head over to his car...oops. 

Once the group was all back at the house, some of the boys cooked the pheasant and quail.  We then attempted to all play Hollywood Game Night but lets just say fights ensued and it was best we stop and move on. 

Sunday was all about Whataburger and convincing Mercer to nap with me.  


Mercer Kelly is six months old!

I go back and forth between feeling like she was born just yesterday and yet not remembering life before her and feeling as though she has been a part of our little family forever.  

She officially rolls over (took her sweet time with that one) and has a true interest in solid foods now. She is starting to notice everything and anything and it is down right cute. Happy six months baby girl!