Last weekend, I headed to Horseshoe Bay for our annual girls weekend to the Yantis lake house (affectionately referred to as the Atyantis Resort and Spa).  We ended up cancelling last year because so many of us were pregnant.  This year, we made it back after the addition of 7, yes 7, new babies to the group. 

Friday evening, we rolled into town not a moment too soon before hail struck and a serious storm blew in. Due to the unfortunate weather, we did what we do best...ate and drank wine inside. Ashley started a small cheese melting/burning situation in the oven and Gill brought face masks for some mini spa treatments.  

Knowing we would most likely have pretty terrible weather, Danielle had planned ahead for us to have a nice little day out on Saturday.  A shuttle bus picked us up to take us to a winery and lunch.  This was the most fabulous idea until the day actually arrived and everyone was hungover and car sick...oops. 

Always such a fabulous time with my people. 

Until next year! 

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