Last weekend, Kayla and Mitch hosted a group at the pond house in Emory, Texas.  The boys spent the day hunting innocent birds while the girls explored Canton.  

I don't know if it was the beautiful weather, our late arrival, or both but Canton was beyond crowded.  We came prepared to find some scores (see carts below) but left, for the most part, pretty empty handed.  I purchased stadium nachos...literally my only find.

Following Canton, the girls headed back to the house and destroyed several dips and bottles of wine while we waited for the boys.  One Mr. Michael Parnell had a little trouble with his keyless entry after the hunt and was delayed while waiting for the local locksmith to finish dinner and head over to his car...oops. 

Once the group was all back at the house, some of the boys cooked the pheasant and quail.  We then attempted to all play Hollywood Game Night but lets just say fights ensued and it was best we stop and move on. 

Sunday was all about Whataburger and convincing Mercer to nap with me.  

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