It is no secret that I am a huge fan of IKEA.  
I love purchasing their basics for a complete steal.  A few months back, I got an adorable toy for Mercer on one of our visits.  I noticed online recently, that they now have an entire collection...that we had to immediately go purchase.

These toys are such a win/win.  They are inexpensive, aesthetically pleasing/coordinating, and M loves them. 


My in laws recently went on a weekend getaway and brought back the sweetest little turquoise bracelet for Mercer. 
She preferred to chew it instead of wear it but we are working on that. 


Not too long ago (thanks to our neighborhood online Facebook garage sale), we got rid of our old rug and purchased a new, larger rug.  The change was needed as our old 8 x 10 rug was completely swallowed under our bed.  

We ended up going with a 10 x 13 bleached jute. 

We also jumped on the IKEA linen duvet cover bandwagon and did not look back.  In other bandwagon news, I convinced P to let me switch out the hardware on the dressers with these to lighten them up a bit.  Ideally, I would like new bed side tables and a new dresser but Parnell has been the best sport about letting go of all his furniture from his single days.  I will let these ride for a bit longer...


I hope everyone had a fabulous Father's Day.  We spent ours at the lake with both sides of the family.  Aside from Mercer wanting nothing to do with a Pack n Play, we had a wonderful time...sigh...

M wasn't really feeling pool time the way I had envisioned either.  When she had enough (which was rather quickly), my MIL Sally, offered to take her inside and play.  You know when you are supposed to politely thank someone for offering but then go ahead and do something yourself?  Yeah, that didn't happen in this case.  I politely thanked her for offering, but then like...let her take M inside.  I immediately closed my eyes and took one of the top 3 pool naps of my life.  I woke up completely alone and completely burned.  
Mom win.   

Mercer loved the boat, so we had that going for us.  Please note concerned parents: she did have a life jacket.  I just need someone to make baby life jackets that are less miserable for the child to wear and the parent to put on.  

 I am so very thankful for this man and the father he is to Mercer.  Cheers to all the amazing men out there and all they do for their children and families day to day.  I hope they all felt the love this weekend! 


Let me start by saying, this blog is a place for me to keep record of all the trivial things happening on a daily basis in our lives.  However, it feels wrong not to acknowledge all the sadness  that has filled our headlines this week.  From the death of  Christina Grimmie, to the victims of the Pulse Nightclub shooting, and now the death of little Lane Graves, it is all just too much.   I have held M just a little tighter at night these past few days while praying for the countless families affected by recent tragedies. 


We have been up to a whole lot of nothing lately, hence the lack of posts. 
Our "excitement" for the week came in the form of a tongue laceration for one Mercer Parnell.  Laceration might be a bit of an overstatement but I'm dramatic, so...
Our little daredevil who thinks she can walk (she can't) and loves to stand without holding on to anything (but...can't) had a nasty fall.  Mercer took it like a champ and brushed off what is sure to be the first of many cuts and scrapes.

I tried to take a picture of her battle wound by bribing her to stick out her tongue using my necklace as bait.  This backfired (as pictured above). 


In the office:

Eating pureed beets and loving them:

Mercer has shown zero interest in solid The other day, P had a piece of bacon on his plate and she scooped it right up and straight to her mouth.  Shocked that she took the initiative, I let it happen.  She continued to suck on the bacon for a good 15 minutes.  

I guess we don't have a vegetarian on our hands...


Mercer Kelly is 9 months old.  

We go to the doctor tomorrow so I don't have her stats but in summary: she is still on the small side, has no teeth, hates all solid foods she has been given (sigh), and is crawling/pulling up everywhere and on everything. 

She constantly talks to herself in gibberish and it is my favorite sound in the world. 


We rounded out our weekend of birthdays celebrating Pearce at his Memorial Day...fiesta.  I think M was slightly partied out by this point...she let approximately one smile escape in a matter of hours. 

M squeezed in a photo session with her Godmother and her plastic plate/new favorite toy.