I hope everyone had a fabulous Father's Day.  We spent ours at the lake with both sides of the family.  Aside from Mercer wanting nothing to do with a Pack n Play, we had a wonderful time...sigh...

M wasn't really feeling pool time the way I had envisioned either.  When she had enough (which was rather quickly), my MIL Sally, offered to take her inside and play.  You know when you are supposed to politely thank someone for offering but then go ahead and do something yourself?  Yeah, that didn't happen in this case.  I politely thanked her for offering, but then like...let her take M inside.  I immediately closed my eyes and took one of the top 3 pool naps of my life.  I woke up completely alone and completely burned.  
Mom win.   

Mercer loved the boat, so we had that going for us.  Please note concerned parents: she did have a life jacket.  I just need someone to make baby life jackets that are less miserable for the child to wear and the parent to put on.  

 I am so very thankful for this man and the father he is to Mercer.  Cheers to all the amazing men out there and all they do for their children and families day to day.  I hope they all felt the love this weekend! 

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