Kelly over at Kelly's Korner is still hosting a "Show Us Your Life" home tour and today is all about the home office.

Which leads to me to remember that I have never shared so much as a glimpse of our office.  This may be due to the fact that this is the one room in our house that is 100% Parnell's with zero input from me.  Albeit small, it is completely his space to do as he pleases.

Our office is near the back of the house away from the other rooms which makes it a nice, quiet space to sneak away and shop for truck accessories work.  

Texas. America. Yellow Labs. 

Parnell's favorite things all in one space. 

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Last week, we received an email from Mercer's classroom that a case of Hand Foot and Mouth Disease had been diagnosed.  Saturday evening during her bath, I noticed a few red bumps, which I quickly attempted to brush off as nothing, willing the bumps to be gone in the morning.  Come Sunday morning, not only were the bumps still there, but they had bump friends...lots of them. 

I am not going to attach pictures to this post because that would be disgusting.  However, feel free to Google image search "Hand Foot and Mouth Disease" in your free time.  It absolutely lives up to the hype. 

Luckily my mom is a teacher and currently off for summer break, so she has been helping care for Mercer.  I guess if we were going to mess with this disease at some point, this is a very convenient time to do so. 
 I am so positive sometimes. 


I have followed Kelly Stamps and her adorable family over at Kelly's Korner for quite some time.  She features a "Show Us Your Life" series and the current focus is on different rooms in your home.  Today is a link up for guest bedrooms.  What better time to show everyone what we have been up to at the Parnell household than now? 

This was the state of our guest room from the time we moved in up until last week:


Guest room was a glorified term for everything left over that had nowhere else to live in our house.  I convinced P to let me sell every.single.thing. in this room.  He was a dear and let me.  
My vision for the revamp was to have a multi-functional guest room and playroom setup. 

Here is what the room looks like today: 

It is far from finished but so far we are loving the change!  Still on the list:

-Some form of pouf/floor pillow situation for lounging 
-Seating in the corner by the dresser
-Floor lamp (I can not find one I am in love with for the life of me)

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Due to the tragic events in Dallas last week, my office was closed on Friday.  I used the extra time off to reflect and love on my favorite little girl.

  Parnell and I were able head down the road to Matchbox for a senior citizen special while my parents watched Mercer. 

After a delicious dinner, our waiter brought the check along with this: 

How wonderful of them!  


I managed to take a few photos of our time at the lake in between wine, naps, and melt downs. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday!  


Mercer Kelly is 10 months old!
She is sitting pretty in the 50th percentile all around.  She has no teeth and still zero interest in solid food...I'm talking turned down Chick-fil-A lack of interest. 

We hit a major milestone this week.  Just a few days shy of turning 10 months, Mercer walked!  She stood up, took her sweet time, and took approximately 10-15 steps toward P.  Seeing her sweet little determined face so focused was quite possibly the cutest thing...ever. 

Note to self: double digit photos are tough


The Parnells headed to the lake for the Fourth of July weekend.  My SIL and her family were in town from New Jersey and I was able to meet my new niece, Lucy.  We attempted a few photo opportunities with the girls but lets face it, between heat, humidity, and short attention spans, it was a challenge.

My personal favorite...its tough being the smallest...

My mom made the outfits for the girls.  I see many more matching opportunities in their future...