I have followed Kelly Stamps and her adorable family over at Kelly's Korner for quite some time.  She features a "Show Us Your Life" series and the current focus is on different rooms in your home.  Today is a link up for guest bedrooms.  What better time to show everyone what we have been up to at the Parnell household than now? 

This was the state of our guest room from the time we moved in up until last week:


Guest room was a glorified term for everything left over that had nowhere else to live in our house.  I convinced P to let me sell every.single.thing. in this room.  He was a dear and let me.  
My vision for the revamp was to have a multi-functional guest room and playroom setup. 

Here is what the room looks like today: 

It is far from finished but so far we are loving the change!  Still on the list:

-Some form of pouf/floor pillow situation for lounging 
-Seating in the corner by the dresser
-Floor lamp (I can not find one I am in love with for the life of me)

Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. I love this room! I especially love the rug!

  2. Visiting again from the bloghop and once again loving your clean yet glamorous decor!