Last week, we received an email from Mercer's classroom that a case of Hand Foot and Mouth Disease had been diagnosed.  Saturday evening during her bath, I noticed a few red bumps, which I quickly attempted to brush off as nothing, willing the bumps to be gone in the morning.  Come Sunday morning, not only were the bumps still there, but they had bump friends...lots of them. 

I am not going to attach pictures to this post because that would be disgusting.  However, feel free to Google image search "Hand Foot and Mouth Disease" in your free time.  It absolutely lives up to the hype. 

Luckily my mom is a teacher and currently off for summer break, so she has been helping care for Mercer.  I guess if we were going to mess with this disease at some point, this is a very convenient time to do so. 
 I am so positive sometimes. 

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